A New Linear B Tablet in Wellington

This Monday morning, I received an unexpected phone call from the curator of the antiquities collection at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa, with remarkable news: the elderly Professor Ashley, who had retired to Wellington some years ago from his post at Miskatonic University, had died, and bequeathed his significant private collection to … Continue reading A New Linear B Tablet in Wellington


Myth and History

The study of the Aegean Bronze Age owes a great deal to Homer.  Schliemann went looking for Troy because of him, excavated Mycenae because of him, and thought that his discoveries vindicated the Blind Bard of Chios, revealing the truth behind the hexameter.  He found, indeed, exactly what he'd been looking for - or at … Continue reading Myth and History

Mycenaean Shepherds: Nasty, Brutish, and Short?

Yesterday's word of the day was unusually colourful: Word of the day: ku-mo-no-so, a man's name plausibly interpreted as Γυμνόρσος, "bare-assed." pic.twitter.com/t6QXulJElN — e-pe-me-ri (@e_pe_me_ri) August 13, 2017 From this, one follower remarked that he must have been an unfortunate sort to deserve such a name, and asked what we know about him; when I … Continue reading Mycenaean Shepherds: Nasty, Brutish, and Short?

Linear B and Emojis

Last Wednesday, Tim Whitmarsh tweeted something that looked fun and innocuous: This is a very classics-geeky game. Can you identify this story? 🎤🎼🎸🎶👏🏦🤑⛵😟🗡💦🐬🇬🇷 #emojigreek — Tim Whitmarsh (@Twhittermarsh) July 19, 2017 The classicists of Twitter then took it and ran with it (especially Helen Forte), and retellings of Greek myths in emoji, the ubiquitous pictographic script … Continue reading Linear B and Emojis

Linear B(iscuits): Sheep and Pigs and Chariots, Oh My!

I've wanted to make some Linear B biscuits in the manner of cuneiform cookies for quite a while now, and finally got around to it this weekend.  I'm not the first to do this, and I took my lead from Philip Boyes (see his posts here and here), using Dutch speculaas as a base rather than gingerbread (using, as he … Continue reading Linear B(iscuits): Sheep and Pigs and Chariots, Oh My!