Online Resources for the Study of Linear B

The first post here was about the dissemination of bad information through the internet; this one takes the opposite tack, providing a collection of links to good, online resources for studying Linear B.  This post will be as exhaustive as I can make it, but please do let me know if I’ve missed anything.  While some require registration, all of these sites are free unless otherwise noted.

Corpora and Databases

DĀMOS: Database of Mycenaean at Oslo: This is perhaps the most useful website for the study of Linear B, providing as it does a full corpus of texts in transcription and an invaluable word search tool.  For registered users, it also provides notes and bibliography for individual tablets.

LiBER: Linear B Electronic Resources: An online corpus of the tablets from Mycenae, Tiryns, and Midea, with the Knossos tablets in preparation.  In addition to a transcription of the tablet, it provides images and an apparatus criticus.

CaLiBRA: Cambridge Linear B Research Archive: Pictures of all the tablets from Pylos.

Sir Arthur Evans Archive: Digital Linear B Tablets from Knossos: The smallest of the photographic databases, containing only the Linear B tablets held at the Ashmolean, but also the most useful.  Each tablet was captured using RTI technology, which produces extremely high quality digital copies with a dynamic light source, so details are not lost to the vicissitudes of shade and light.

Draft of Palace of Nestor IV: The Inscribed Documents: Draft of the as-yet unpublished final publication of the Pylos tablets by Emmett Bennett Jr., José L. Melena, and J. P. Olivier.

General Information

Aegean Prehistoric Archaeology: The Linear B Tablets and Mycenaean Social, Political, and Economic Organisation: From the most all-around useful website on the Prehistoric Aegean, curated by Jeremy Rutter at Dartmouth, this provides a reliable overview of the basics of Linear B as well as the evidence they present for Mycenaean social structures.  Appended is a significant bibliography.

Open Access Articles and Repositories

Publications of the Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory (PASP) at UT Austin: A repository of publications by scholars associated with PASP, most notably Thomas Palaima, one of the world’s leading experts on Linear B.

Chapters from the Companion to Linear B: The three-volume Companion to Linear B, published from 2008-14, is the authoritative starting point for the study of Linear B.  While most of it is not available online, some chapters are:

(Many of these scholars have also uploaded other useful chapters and articles to

Wider Interest

Arthur Evans – The Palace of Minos: All volumes of Evans’ (in?)famous work, available in high quality PDFs.  This includes accounts of the discovery of Linear B, some images of tablets, and initial discussion concerning the nature of the script and its relation to the other “Minoan” scripts.  To be taken with a grain (at least) of salt.

Arthur Evans – Scripta Minoa, Vol. 2: The initial publication of the Linear B tablets from Knossos, finished posthumously for Evans by John L. Myres.  Already outdated when it was released due to the work of Bennett especially with the Pylos tablets.  Volume 1, on Linear A, Cretan Hieroglyphics, and the Phaistos Disk, is also available.  Needless to say, multiple grains of salt are required here too.

John Younger’s Linear A Site: This site provides a reliable overview of Linear A, the parent system of Linear B.


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